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About Us

Dévo Canada began as an idea that couldn't be ignored. Cathy MacLennan has worked for years as an Immigration Consultant in Canada and knows the power of a good job and a good employee. She saw families escape danger and poverty in their home country and experience safety and financial security in Canada. She saw companies desperate for workers finally fill the holes in their organizational chart with qualified immigrant employees. One night inspiration hit and she realized that so many people and companies wanted what she had seen provided, but there was no simple way to find a job or an employee. Word of mouth was how most employers connected with employees, but with the aid of technology, so many more could benefit. Cathy was joined by Devynn Dayton, a French-speaker and advertising professional, and Kristy Williams, a French and Spanish speaker with a background in business strategy and consulting, and Dévo CANADA began.  


We are passionate about helping people improve their lives through work and helping companies find qualified, hardworking employees -- all in the most cost and time-efficient manner available. We currently connect individuals interested in moving to Canada to work with potential Canadian employers, help Canadian employers find qualified immigrant employees, and enable both individuals and employers to connect with Immigration Consultants who can navigate the Canadian legal and immigration process. We plan to expand to other countries in the future, so stay tuned!

Our Mission

Connect potential foreign workers with employers in Canada to meet the labour shortage, to empower individuals, and grow and sustain companies.

Our Vision

Enable cost and time-effective connections so everyone has access to a great job and every company has access to great employees, no matter their initial location.

Our Philosophy

We believe that food service supervisors, greenhouse supervisors, hair-stylists, barbers, line cooks, farm supervisors, landscape supervisors and many other mid-range occupations provide crucial value to our economy and our society, as do the companies who employ them. Lawyers, doctors, and finance professionals have many resources available to them as they seek the best job in the best location - and we believe those resources need to be made available across the employment spectrum. We believe providing a cost and time-effective way for potential employees to connect with employers across country lines will bring economic empowerment to individuals and families in both the arrival and departure country, and that arrival countries will benefit from the addition of hard-working employees who contribute to its economic growth.

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